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I cannot say enough good things about Yoga Therapy with Dalyne! It feels like we crossed path exactly when I was in need of a more robust outlet for mindfulness, healing, & support. Her methods are far superior to any of the experiences I’ve had in traditional therapy. I’m a very solution-oriented person, so after each session, I felt like I was able to walk away with a new perspective, or a bit of information to implement in my path forward. Dalyne delivers the goods! She is full of tips, tricks, tools and resources to help guide each session. Never at a loss for words, she is funny, warm, friendly, up-beat, encouraging, and authentic. She is full of strength, wisdom and a unique health-conscious perspective that she shares freely and in an engaging way. I love that she is able to openly share and comment using her own personal experiences, as they may relate to my issues, or challenges. A session with Dalyne feels wonderfully inclusive & empowering, with the right amount of “tough love” peppered in, to break down your defenses and get the core issue. She takes an active role in wanting to help you find success, while strengthening your mind, body, spirit and perception of self. 
   Relating one’s physical, mental or emotional issues back to the body as a source of wisdom, is a fascinating & enlightening way to really examine our core being. Dalyne is a fabulous mentor and friend. She has quite clearly found her calling- or at least one of them-making such a positive impact to the spiritual community, while also being so open and accessible to average curious yoga client. I highly recommend working with Dalyne. It’s the best, most empowering thing I’ve ever done for myself.



I was going through a very critical period and desperately needed some assistance re-grounding and finding focus.  Dalyne came highly recommended and getting in touch with her was the best thing I did for myself.  I was hesitant to contact her from overseas but once we started, all my concerns went away.  Her passion for her work and most importantly her desire to help and see me get well took over.  She is patient, she is dedicated, she cares, she enjoys sharing her gifts, and she is so relatable. 

I was appreciative of how rejuvenated, mentally sound, and relaxed I felt following each session, with these feelings lasting for more extended periods of time, after only a few sessions. 

I would highly recommend Dalyne!  
K. Reed (Holland)

 I chose yoga therapy specifically with Dalyne because of her healing energy. She genuinely wants to help others heal. She has a kindness and gentleness that allowed me to safely open up so I could search myself. She can also be honest and direct when that is required, but always in a loving way. I’ve done all kinds of yoga therapy with her throughout the years (off and on) based on my physical, emotional and spiritual needs. I consider my therapy with her to be a critical part of my healing journey.


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